Granada andalusi

Granada siglo XIV

Oral Heritage of Granada.

Romances, stories, legends…

There are other Asset class who do not have that tangible character as buildings , furniture, or the various objects that make up the background of each culture. They are the kind of objects that live in other areas of our life experience. As you can imagine, I mean the oral legacy that have been built up over time. Records that, in most cases , have been tamed and , in the age we live in, “saved” by the press. What would be if not the rich production of old romances , legends , sayings, stories that not all live in the memory of man . In Granada , this heritage is closely attached to the Border Ballads , museum pieces of oral poetry . A ballad that represents the best of production octosyllable : conciseness, tragedy , rhythm, mystery. If the palace architecture is viewed with admiration and respect, not least those parts that are paradigm romancerística poetry and beauty, only chronicles a period in the history of universal influence deserve.

Here is a representative list of the oral heritage, summarized:

Romances de Frontera

  • Romance de Abenamar
  • Romance de La Perdida de Antequera
  • Romance La Perdida de Alhama
  • Sobre Baza estába El Rey
  • El cerco de Baeza
  • Salida del Rey Chico y reduan párr CONQUISTAR Jaén
  • Romance del moro alcaide de Antequera
  • Romance de Hernandarias
  • Romance de la derrota de Montejícar
  • Caballeros de Moclín
  • Romance del obispo don Gonzalo
  • Romance antiguo y Verdadero de Álora , la bien cercada
  • Romance de Sayavedra
  • Romance de la Batalla de los Alporchones
  • Romance de Como Fue preso el Rey Chico de Granada
  • Romance de Portocarrero
  • Llegan Nuevas un Granada del Ejército cristiano Llegando párr sitiarla
  • Romance del Maestre de Calatrava
  • Romance de la muerte de Albayaldos
  • Romance del moro Alatar
  • Romance del Rey Chico Que Perdio Granada

Let them therefore an example of ballads collected by folklorists, historians and diverse, or directly recorded in literary works after the fall of Granada researchers. All of these unique works of oral tradition, stories of a long period of our medieval history to conquer the kingdom.

Later, without breaking the thread of a certain tradition, it comes now literary Moorish ballads, yet they can not give oral marking character that gave them breath.

Romances moriscos < / strong >

  • Boabdil y Vindaraja
  • Morilla de catar bel
  • Pronostícase Que los moros perderán Granada porción tres Lobos Que entraron en ella

How could it be otherwise, since the octosyllabic poetry is the natural form of poetic tale comes the courtly romance, writings and music by the poets of the court, in order to celebrate the work of present / past, executed by his royal Highnesses the RRCC. It is framed in successive records of preexisting songs or collections of songs performed by Juan de la Encina, among others. I choose these two as most representative.

Romancero Cortesano

  • Qu’es de tí , desconsolado
  • Romance de La Entrada de los RRCC en Granada

Romancero Popular

When we entered the modern age, and progress in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries comes the popular ballads and diversity of taste in all its forms: romantic, lyrical, religious, … what is commonly known as vulgar ballads. Guilds blind occupy and control the squares and streets, reciting or singing these ballads that people memorize. Among extensísisma form a collection of romances, of which we choose the Mariana Pineda for meaning in the history of the city and what it symbolizes for all the hard times in which he lived.

Leyendas de Granada

Highlighting the collection of legends and histories conducted by Antonio J. Afan de Ribera towards the end of the nineteenth century. Legends and Traditions , Albaicin days and nights of Albaicin: traditions, legends and tales Granada , the Veleta Sierra Elvira , Between Beiro and Darro , etc. … that make a collection of stories of interest to know other facets of traditional culture, obviously affected by the passage of centuries and the inevitable acculturation that the disappearance of the Andalusian Granada territory meant for these legendary traditions.

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