La Juglaria

Miniaturas Cantigas

El Romancero y el Mediterráneo.

Mare Nostrum … in every way, despite the nuances, has the same light. Mawwal, zejel, Epic, … Romance. There are patterns that have grown together. All primal struggle between orality and literacy in the world chose this place. The North decided to split, the South never gave up the Voice, or the Oral Report.
Translated, it means that in the North, economic and Orality became marginal, associated literature ever since. The Romance was reviled and vilified as vulgar old thing. While in Southern Orality remains lucid and radiant. Is also because the book never won.
That said, get in position, we still enjoy the story, already knowing the alphabet and printing is supported. No matter, because the proposal is worthwhile.
There exists in the world of orality a better relationship documented in oral poetry the ballads built around the events of the last century of survival of the ancient kingdom of Granada. A production so unique that there is nothing that can compare. The Border Ballads emerged in the fourteenth century, reaching the beginning of the XVI. Nothing is lost: there is documented record on paper and hard drive. And yet the essential element is missing: the VOICE. No voice is as freeze-dried romance.
Beyond the Border, we find a rich Moorish Ballads production, this time literature. But there are some among them who can receive the loan of voice and cadence, rhythm and interpretation, so also rescued. Not only by mere dilettantism, but because reading helps us understand many things: the presence of a Moorish legacy never completely disappeared.

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