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The Secundary Route

This is your route. A unique activity designed with the aim of bringing the history and present of the city of Granada to the Secondary alumnxs. The idea is to combine two key factors: knowledge and entertainment. We opened the door to enter a content space and full of mystery unexpected. We expected the Oral Heritage of Granada, its Asleep Memory and its Legacy Symbolic. Along with numerous legends and anecdotes documented. And since it is not learned discourses but of artistic activity, has enough ingredients to fulfill your expectations.

Cortijo del Aire


We find ourselves facing one of the most beautiful landscapes of Granada. It is a natural amphitheater: the Cerro del Sol in front, the right Sabika, after the plain, unfinished cathedral, to the left, that dilapidated building full of mystery. This sacred Mongibel Gongora voice, fraught with alchemy and dashed hopes, will be the door that we push her to get a taste of the magic of the place and its importance beyond the stones and dreams. A place to stay, no more. But we expect the Sacromonte where amerizamos Museum on the eve of Gypsy Ballads. Led by the Moorish legacy we Chapiz House, and sounds of romance, to The Bañuelo. The Forest Lodge Hotel, or the Gate of the Conversos, or that palace nomadic, have been scheduled appointments. Romances, and legends, and stories, and happenings, enliven the route, following paths that lead us to the winding streets pillar del Toro, as symbolic port.

Border and Moorish ballads .

    We will start from the last century of the kingdom of Granada under the Nazaríes . It is the historical moment of the emergence of epic ballads of our most unique poetic production . Your references are always actual documented events : are chronic war across borders, are portraits of very direct , very vivid , are landscape, towers and castles. They are unique pieces.

Moorish kingdom of Granada .

Granada and the Moors are inseparable. The fall of Granada produced that adjectives in the inhabitants of the city , those who were not , those who were forced to surrender unconditionally , despite the capitulations . From 1492-1609 they lived in a permanent state of anxiety , until their expulsion . These centuries , moreover , led to a major part of the substrate ideological rejection in Christianity , we can see even today . One of the major social and political injustices occurred in those long years . Given its roots to the land where they were born , it becomes very difficult to draw the line . Religious intolerance put the border did not exist in the realm of everyday life . They left us we can not refute : their cities, their technological devices , customs … and even one of the most beautiful historical falsifications that still exists today: the Sacromonte . The ballads collected , later, a rich and prolific tradition of works that reflect those years , only now transmuted into more or less idyllic visions , too lyrical to be true .

   City over time .

    Granada Ganivet Angel Beauty is a key for us on our visit. His vision of the city is certainly very contemporary . Anticipating the excesses of urban destruction , makes a passionate defense of a city model friendly and organic . Regrets that Granada is the only city that buries its rivers , or the disappearance of the old medina , or the untiring struggle to get a straight enough road to resemble European models … unable to ever see that Granada was always something else. The city longed for the old Christian , who once represented the most appetizing snack … City story, saved a fraction of what it was: the Alhambra is example. Legend has it that Jose – Pepe – life was saved by jumping into the wildfire that would explode the magazine .

García Lorca and Gypsy Ballads .

In 1920 Granada Menéndez Pidal reaches with his daughter Jimena . Fernando de los Rios presents Federico , 22 year old , and Lorca is offered as a guide in the search for oral records of romances , both in the Albaicin and Sacromonte . In that raid became aware of its existence and in what ways could survey the bearers of this tradition . Walking around Granada with ballads , and not see one of their references most iconic poets we make it difficult . That is why we will Lorca present in the tour.

XIX and XX

Times difficult and full of contrasts. The French invasion , the constitution of 1812 , the absolutism of Fernando VII , the sacrifice of Mariana , military coups , death of Lorca , the Freemasons , the Urban desmoronomaiento old city … Enough ingredients for a unique monographic . But without being wordy , we stop at the most significant and closely linked to the city .

Goals Highlights

The visit will be restricted to some of the visions of authors and experts who have had some weight in Granada : Á. Ganivet , F.G. Lorca , M. Moon , J. C. Baroja , M. J. Hagerty , L. Marble , … and many others, for it will not be romantic but a visit strictly documented.

    – Know the oral tradition and intangible heritage .
    – Interpretation of romances , legends , anecdotes hgistóricas , most significant stories , closely related to Granada .
    – To publicize the existence of the Moorish kingdom of Granada and his legacy .
    – Introduction to the Work Beauty Ganivet Granada . Identifying the remains of its ancient gates and walls . Inciting to reflect on our current models of town.
    – Earliest sources Gypsy Ballads : Lorca and Menendez Pidal .
    – Introduction to the Reading of the environment: the importance of water in Granada . La Vega .

Technical Data

   Maximum Time : 2 hours and a half.
   Recommended Time : A request to schools.
   Departure time : 09:15 hours
   Price per student / a : € 6
   Maximum number of students : 50
   Minimum number of students : 25-30
   Time for Breakfast : A request to schools.
   Starting point: San Miguel Alto Esplanade (last stop BUS No. 7)
   Place of arrival: New Square.


Ruta Secundaria

Plano Ruta Secundaria

The Outcasts.
Space 1.- From Valparaiso to Sacromonte. Cecilio Aben Alradi. Romance of Abenamar. The treasures of the Moors. Cervantes and El Quijote.

Space 2.- García Lorca, Menéndez Pidal and El Piña: Gerineldo’s Romance // Song of War of Independence – Mariana Pineda.

The Falconers.
Space 3.- House morisca del Chapiz. The Moors of Granada. Historical anecdotary. Romancero Morisco: Morilla de bel catar.

Los Axares.
Space 4 .- Gate of the Conversos. Mosque. San Juan de los Reyes Legend of the Nightingale. Romance of the Three Wolves.

Space 5 .- Walk of Los Tristes. Closing. Ganivet and Granada La Bella.

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