Cerámica del antiguo cuartel

Granada, Cervantes y Don Quixote

The Work of Cervantes and his close relationship with Granada. Moors, Moriscos and Turks.

In this course we will propose a special theme: Cervantes, Don Quixote and Granada . Not only because it coincides with the centenary of his death, but because the whole seems of special and significant relevance to us.
The reason for this -beyond the centennial- more choice is to discover and emphasize the close relationship of Don Quixote with the city of the Moors, and the Moors themselves, with whom indisputable links are established, open and secret sometimes others, over such exceptional work. Therefore, we have prepared this monograph on El Quijote and Granada, not to mention the adventures of its author Moorish lands.
Speaking of Don Quixote is talking about Moriscos, forgery, the taqiya or dissimulation, a complex Spain; revealing testimonies of great importance for the life of Cervantes was the last inhabitants of Al-Andalus.

Between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Spain things vital to our history and culture decided, and Cervantes as an exceptional witness, disappointments and tragedies hardened, he would not remain silent before what his eyes saw and his heart felt. In this he was as wise and profound humanist.
Don Quixote is proof of this, not as argument or trial or libel, but as a literary work that had to practice the wonderful art of ambiguity to survive in a seasoned censorship world, certifications blood, exile or oblivion .
Further cultural activity to your educational task, but does not intend to share our own surprise at what their pages contain, and what had to watch Granada throughout this magnificent novel.

The texts and the contents of this proposal are aimed at high school students and high school, so the language and are adapted extension.
href=”http://culturaoral.es/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Carta-Cervantes.pdf” here you have access to the letter in pdf format text.

Out: Llano de San Miguel last stop Bus N9
Arrival: Paseo de los Tristes

1. Loma Cuevas Reverte.
2nd. Cortijo del Aire.
3rd. Museum Cuevas del Sacromonte.
4th. Casa Morisca del Chapiz.
5th. Paseo de los Tristes


Groups: Maximum 30.
Price per student / a: 6 €
Time = 2 and a quarter hours.
I recommended schedule: 9:15 to 11:30


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