Granada en el Divan

Granada en el Diván

Granada on the Diván

Guided tour of the city of Granada through the Oral Heritage and symbolic legacy.

Add to Granada in the Divan is a game we expect to hear the things that we rarely have the opportunity to hear. It psychoanalyst attend cabinet but non-prescribing. Each draws its conclusions. Course together has a negligible symbolic value, and it is worth devoting some time. That is why I invite you to follow me this route to « asleep legacy » of this old city.
We could risk an interpretation of the city, as if it were a living being? Granada could make a symbolic couch to try to understand what the hidden and unconscious affects your being Granada, their profiles, their character? Naturally so, as the city moves, beats, breathing, following the impulses that its inhabitants will induce.
At first glance it seems that the city grows and develops naturally as a multicellular body, with very subtle movements that we should use the speedometer of our impromptu camera-we can not hide that we are children of film-to gain some idea of ??joint all beats. In our eyes surprised-if possible-would observe how from nothing-which ant-fungus prohijado fuérase settling a fungal organism that grows ever speed, extends, and reconstitutes have damaged parts, and continues to cover with each pulse, more and more territory. None of these are casual movements beyond its capacity for consciousness, since they all express the intelligence of the tiny characters in stop action are constantly interacting with this macro-organism. And as in this case, given the size-preferring microscope magnifying glass, nothing more consistent than trying to extract vital knowledge of their intelligence or idiosyncrasy, not after an analysis of any of these hardworking individuals-not take us too far, but observation of all that strenuous effort that is the city. So I know the community made that governs it, we read the results of his work and find out what they want, that desires lead them, they push them dreams that hide pain, that things repudiate them, and ultimately, in what direction volatile guide their fragile beliefs, according to the times, the weather or unresolved conflicts.
Granada is rich in heritage that I can call « symbolic ». That is, at first glance we can find bridges connecting with your unconscious, gateways to remote places which strangely kept sleeping-with effort-forgotten, trying to hide what can not.
Well, on this route that I suggest, play a fun game: try to find out what we see what is not evident. It’s a challenge. But it is, of discovering and complentando the hieroglyph.
And the romance? I must say that is our excuse, but our script, because its records are pergeñadas many keys. And not just because listening is recreating the beauty with which they were built, as witnesses of the times and as a manifestation of an ancient art.

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