Casa Morisca Chapiz

Morilla de bel catar. Casa Morisca del Chapiz.

Rutas del Romancero en Granada La Bella.

Guided tour of the city from the perspective of the symbolism, oral poetry and riddles of history.

This is a different proposition, and somewhat new. This is not to recount the historical or architectural details may be found in any textbook to use. It’s another thing, because there are many emotions involved. And as the minstrel theater invites us to make an approach substantially different. We will get behind the characters and their vicissitudes, of the vicissitudes suffered by all those who were protagonists of the story that I intend to tell. Much of that story still remains secret, and few people know the reason for the production of romances about a time as difficult and complex. I’ll try it entertaining and fun, every whit of the truth.

Yes, a visit to the city of Granada, designed as a map, because we start from a vine to get to another. But be assured that few know this route, despite being among the most beautiful. Like to hear the interpretation of romance with the city Abenamar feet, can never be the same as in a theater seat: there the interpretation will seem more close and real.

Well, it is, to propose a different activity directed to all visitors and residents wishing to approach the history of the city, through the oral poetic heritage since the fourteenth century has been built up around Granada and / or his former kingdom, from the perspective of performance, simplicity and emotion.

The proposal takes the form of a city tour. They are spaces that intertwine documented with the content area, historical and symbolic of the romance of the narratives associated as they fit.
It is, therefore, to attend a documented artistic representation.

Retracing the footsteps of tradition and interpretation of the old ballads, we propose a journey through time and memory.


Romancero Morisco

The contents are specified by:

  • Romances de Frontera
  • Romances Moriscos
  • Romancero Lorquiano
  • Romances contemporáneos.

Here are some examples.



La pérdida de Alhama

La pérdida de Antequera


Boabdil y Vindaraja

Morilla de bel catar

Pronostícase que los moros perderán Granada por tres lobos que entraron en ella.


Qu’es de tí, desconsolado.

La entrada en Granada


Las tres cautivas

Mariana Pineda


F. García Lorca

Romance Sonámbulo

San Miguel

This picture represents optional general contents. The variety is great, and does not reflect the wide diversity of interpretation romances, also contemporary, closely linked to the history of Granada.

However, the journey is symbolic and the city serves as a guide for our proposal.

If visiting the city is a trip to the memory of time that each of its stones saved, this route is illustrative formula to complete the picture. Oral poetry has been an inseparable part of the life experience of all peoples. It is a poetic story and additional artistic and full of meaning.

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